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Derek provides both mirror and light to individuals who wish to further their somatic intelligence in movement.  I have found that Derek’s knowledge is steeped in traditional studies, but the fabric of his understanding is woven from his own experiential wisdom.  His classes and practice have helped many, like myself, to deepen their embodiment and enhance their health. 

William Arcand, Clinical Somatic Educator and owner of Studio Helix 

I am a Naturopathic Physician who has avidly pursued conscious movement for over 20 years and therefore believe I have some competency in the art. Derek is a thousand times more accomplished than I am. I delight in watching him move. I have watched him push hands with several serious students of martial arts and they are helpless. I am spellbound listening to him explain the philosophy and principles. Derek is masterful. If you sincerely want to transform your life through movement, I know of no better. 

— Dr. Charley Cropley, Naturopathic Physician, Athlete

When I have a session with Derek, I experience a heightened level of awareness about my body, especially as it relates to gravity. His approach is gentle and insightful, and his warm, patient voice guides me through the exercises, correcting my technique and encouraging me. He gives in-depth explanations that help me understand why he is recommending particular exercises.

— Kathryn Hayward,  MD

Associate Physician at Mass General Hospital, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School 

I tried different interventions over the years to combat my acute anxiety, but nothing truly brought me relief, and I was desperate. Upon starting Jin Shin Jyutsu with Derek, I immediately realized that there were many layers to his knowledge and that I was studying with a masterful teacher. I was able to shift my energy, recognize my patterns, and change my reactions. Although I was aware of the issues that were affecting me in my daily life, I did not have the tools to make changes that I desired on my own. Derek changed that all for me and gave me back my life. 

Jay Moran, Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

Through a conversation about healing and medicine, Derek shared with me the core of his approach, specifically regarding holding tension and its effects, etc.  To my delight, what I found was that somehow the words Derek shared affected me in a most profound, deep rooted way.  Subsequently seeking his help, I soon realized that he has the gift of being able to share his extensive experience to convey an immediately applicable and incredibly useful gentle, insightful approach to being in your body and healing on a deep, deep level. 

Ryan D Zaklin, M.D., Clinical Teaching Fellow – Harvard Medical School

 Training with Derek for many years has totally transformed my own training method and the way I train my clients. To figure out what “strength” can really mean aside from lifting weights was mind blowing to me. I have made incredible gains by using what he has taught me and implementing it into the weight training world. I have also really appreciated the Chi Kung piece as it has given me another avenue for recovery and breath work I would have most likely overlooked. 

— Chris Larson, FAFC, RKC.  Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitness Principles Studio

Derek’s depth of knowledge, dedication to the art and generous spirit is inspiring and he has the ability to communicate in a way that makes sense. The coaching sessions are not only fun, but deeply rewarding. With his guidance, Ive been able to build on physical strength, mental clarity and develop a keen sense of the teacher within.

Janet Steeves, Yoga teacher and Somatics therapist

I was searching for a practice that would help me build balance, strength and coordination.  Studying Tai Chi and Club Swinging has been an enriching experience on a multitude of levels. What I especially appreciate is Derek’s depth of knowledge of the practice and the philosophy behind it. I enjoy every live online lesson and then practicing along with the recordings. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Wendy Schneider, Movement Educator and student of Tango 

Leading by example, seemingly lofty and abstract concepts are brought down to earth with demonstrable skills and practices.  The ideas are simple, but the implications and expressions are profound. As a martial artist, it has greatly increased my capacity to express skill.  As a practitioner of Chinese medicine it has raised my quality of care for my patients.  If you are a sincere seeker of the path, I highly recommend training with Derek.”

Garth Reynolds, L.Ac. MSTCM, Owner of Circle of Health Acupuncture and Bagua Internal Arts School 

 Derek Notman’s online training has rejuvenated and deepened my decades -long practice of Chinese internal arts. Perhaps the most valuable factor in Derek’s teaching is his deep level of understanding and ability to articulate the key principles contained  within the material. Derek has deeply changed my understanding of internal arts. 

Dave Cotter, 20+ year practitioner of martial arts 

Derek shines the light on a responsibility you can’t ignore.  After 15 years teaching yoga I’ve learned revolutionary truths about the body and mind I’ve never even heard before.  His teachings have dramatically changed my body, my knowledge of the body, and how I teach others. In a world of buzz-words and high-tech, he is the real deal. This training will blow-your-mind with its simplicity and magnitude. 

Elke Pierre, owner of Yoga Loft Studio 

I have seen a lot of Westerners practicing Kung Fu, but only a handful whom I would say “have” Kung Fu. Derek Notman is one such practitioner. Having lived in Taiwan and speaking fluent Chinese, I have spent a long time trying to comprehend these arts. I much appreciate learning from someone who has found his way through the internal systems. It is very helpful to save time and get straight to the essence of the arts.

Andrew Kushner,  15+ year student of martial arts and Chinese language teacher

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