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Sensory Feeling Awareness

Sensory feeling awareness regulates our motor function through the nervous system’s controls of the muscular system.  This quality of attention  is the single most beneficial skill we can develop to maintain health, release pain, and improve physical performance.

Our body is a repository of our experiences.

Tension, unrecognized and unreleased, is the rusting of the human organism.  It must be actively pursued and transformed or else it adversely shapes the landscape of self.

Drawing on established traditions, our methodology provides specific tools for bringing healing practices and awareness into your daily life.

I have suffered for years with a repetitive stress injury. Derek was able to help me elicit my own body’s inherent ability to heal and be free from discomfort.  More importantly, he has helped guide me on a path to my own empowerment.

— Ryan D Zaklin, M.D., Clinical Teaching Fellow – Harvard Medical School

 Practices for Mind-Body integration

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Energetic body work that uses the meridian network to harmonize the body’s organ functions and circulation pathways.

Qi Gong

The skill of coordinating breath with movement to promote circulation and health by creating conditions for deep relaxation.

Postural Somatics

Movement therapy providing specific exercises to  release tension from the nervous system and organize skeletal alignment.


Increase body’s resistance to physical emotional, and environmental  stressors, restoring balance and supporting optimal function.

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