Martha's Vineyard

Local Offerings

Enjoy the beauty of the island and transform your health and vitality this summer.  Learn the how, what and why of developing a deep personal practice outside in the healing sea air.  


  • Hone your parasympathetic nervous system to promote the “feel and heal” cycle within your body
  • Improve your respiratory health and expand your breathing capacity
  • Become independent from a gym and bulky expensive equipment
  • Learn skills that develop spacial awareness and coordination, while engaging the hemispheric integration of the left and right brain through complex patterning
  • Cultivate proper posture, core strength and joint mobility for optimum and effortless performance
  • Recognize and release the tension that leads to a stiff uncomfortable  body
  • Tend to old injuries and illnesses, working to alleviate pain and restore function 

 local offerings

Private Sessions

Derek works with individuals in a variety of methods to promote mobility, posture, and address pain and health issues

Private Groups

In the comfort of your home or back yard, engaging sessions in tai chi, qigong, club swinging, movement and self-care meridian energy work 

Group Classes

Weekly classes offered in person and online across a variety of disciplines, including indian club swining, qigong and internal martial arts

Derek’s classes were a resounding success at the Vineyard Haven Public Library and, in a short number of weeks, he had a devoted following.  After an hour, it was a delight to watch participants leave smiling and a tad lighter on their feet.

— Anne McDonough, Program Coordinator, Vineyard Haven Public Library