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Health and fitness are essential considerations for a life well lived. A meaningful practice is the key to sustaining fitness and achieving longevity. It should be a pleasure,  not a chore to move our bodies and enjoy our strength.

Classical training creates a virtuous cycle where strength and skill compound, leading to progressive development over time.  The joy derived from the skills developed feed the practice.

Stand in the bones, move through the joints and lead with the mind.

We offer a unique training method, structured around the neuro-muscular interface that reflects the body’s design and provides the greatest fulcrum for change.

You will be amazed as you drop deeper into your embodiment and gain the strength, skill, ease and elegance that will avail itself to your efforts.

I cannot describe how much better and stronger I feel. It goes way beyond just having larger and stronger muscles, it is the feeling of connected-ness throughout my whole body in a flexible multi-dimensional way (tensegrity).

— Sean Conley, 5th Dan US Aikido Federation, Chief Aikido Instructor

 Practices for Mind-Body integration

Tai Chi

Harmonize body and mind through a formal sequence of flowing postures. Move with grace and power while develop balance and serenity.

Martial Arts

Build whole body connection and suppleness through classical methods.  These are strong practices that will challenge and engage.   

Meels, Maces, Clubs

Strengthen your whole body while developing rhythm and awareness.  The ancient strength practices of the Pahlavan warriors of ancient India and Persia.

Postural Strength 

Develop mindfulness through postural organization and directed intent. Cultivate deep release and powerful focus. Strengthen mind and body.

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