Embodied Learning

Consistent practice and exploration through movement not only creates physical transformation, but more importantly, it is the catalyst behind real self-discovery and personal growth. It teaches us to be honest with ourselves, gets us to slow down and grounds us in the discipline of process.

This allows us to safely push our physical and mental limits, giving us a chance to face our fears and transform our weaknesses. It teaches us to build resilience and strength so that we may engage the world with a calm and joyful presence .

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your greatest philosophy”

Coaching and mentorship is the direct path. The method is shared with clarity and total support through a process of dialogue and precise instruction. You will be engaged in practice and contemplation, as it is the only path to direct awareness and embodied understanding.

I have been training with Derek for many years.  He has an incredible ability to explain things in a way that make sense and can be implemented immediately.  It has totally changed my personal training and how I teach my clients.  I look forward to our weekly virtual sessions and continue to learn by leaps and bounds through his methodology. 

— Chris Larson, FAFC, RKC.  Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitness Principles Studio

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We will provide you with a tailored program to upgrade your movement patterns, release tension, and harmonize your neuromuscular system.

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